When life flashes –

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Friday night, I choked.  It wasn’t the ultimate horrible life-flashing before your eyes moment, but it was too close. I was at an awards gala at Be the Change with Suzanne Evans.  I choked on what was otherwise a very tasty steak. So, I realized I was choking.  Thoughts running through my mind - “Holy shit.  Can [...]

My Favorite Parenting Books, An Incomplete List

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What does parenting have to do with business? Everything. Just everything. The models in parenting books are easily applicable to management of teams, self-management, and group dynamics. I’ve recently recommended parenting books to clients, colleagues, and friends.   It seems time to just post them so that I can easily direct people to them. How to [...]

to face unafraid, the plans that we’ve made

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I’m sitting in Starbucks, and Abigail, the manager, is singing Christmas carols as she works.  Sometimes you hear something old in a new way. Suddenly I heard the lyric “to face unafraid, the plans that we’ve made” in a new way. Before the song just blended together. Now I’m actually hearing it. Three Thoughts: 1. [...]

Books You Should Read: How to Talk to Anyone

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I’m a recovering shy person. I was such a shy kid.  I’m a true extravert.  I love people.  I get energy from being with people.  And I’m a recovering shy person. I was a Ph.D. psychologist doing therapy, talking to people about their deepest pain, yet I couldn’t figure out how to chit chat in the [...]

May 1976: Why I care so much about lawyers

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When people ask how I started to work with lawyers, the answer is simple.  I tell them the story of my lawyer-colleague making the suggestion over breakfast in August of 2007. Truth is the foundation had been laid much earlier, but I didn’t realize it.  In May 1976, my grandfather suicided.  He was the county judge in a [...]

Good Issue-Spotting – The Key to a Happy Life

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Issue-spotting really is the key to a happy life.  It is just as crucial in your life as in the practice of law. Here’s an example:  Lawyers are frequently stressed or frustrated with work.  The demands are enormous; the pressures are intense.  (This is not news to you, of course.)  But it’s way more than that. [...]

Lawyers and Holidays

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Lawyers and Holidays. Lawyers have a peculiar relationship with holidays.  More of my lawyer clients and friends have fundamental philosophical issues about holidays than my clients and friends from other industries.  More of my lawyer clients and colleagues have deep intellectual pain over the celebrations than non-lawyers.  So, there’s that.  That’s a fundamental basis for [...]

Going to a Party? Act Like a Normal Person

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Going to a Party?  Act Like a Normal Person. When your friends speak, do you counter whatever they have to say with something different? Do you find points of agreement? Do you want to inform them of what they’re missing in their way of thinking? Do you seek to make others look good in the [...]