Books You Should Read: How to Talk to Anyone

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I’m a recovering shy person. I was such a shy kid.  I’m a true extravert.  I love people.  I get energy from being with people.  And I’m a recovering shy person.

I was a Ph.D. psychologist doing therapy, talking to people about their deepest pain, yet I couldn’t figure out how to chit chat in the grocery line.

Worst of all – parties were a source of complete discomfort unless it was a group of people I already knew well.  I love people.  I want to be with people, but I couldn’t get from “hello” to any sort of meaningful conversation.

This is the book that saved me.

I read this book at 33, and it changed my life.  I still think of the techniques by name, i.e. “Never the naked city.”

A year after I read this book, I slipped back into nervousness before a Chamber of Commerce event and called my husband in mini-freakout mode.  His response, “Oh honey, you haven’t read your book lately, have you?”  I picked up the book, reviewed 5 techniques, and successfully navigated the party.

There are a handful of books I’ve recommended hundreds of times. This is top of my list.  Get it.  Read it.  Live it.



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