to face unafraid, the plans that we’ve made

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I’m sitting in Starbucks, and Abigail, the manager, is singing Christmas carols as she works.  abigail

Sometimes you hear something old in a new way. Suddenly I heard the lyric “to face unafraid, the plans that we’ve made” in a new way.

Before the song just blended together. Now I’m actually hearing it.

Three Thoughts:

1. When we make plans, we must then face them. Making the plan is facing it, in and of itself.

Hopefully, we are unafraid when we face our plans. It’s certainly something to aspire to – facing plans unafraid.

I’m a cautious person by nature. I don’t particularly like change (unless I’m in charge of it, of course.) So it seems to me today that I could just make this song my mantra for a while to shift my thinking. All you need sometimes is a way to practice having things be different. So humming this little line could be my change methodology for a while.

Maybe you’re like this too. Maybe you face the “new” with some trepidation. Step out and into your future. You’ve got this.

2. Sometimes you’ve heard something a thousand times, then you finally get it. What in your life are you not really hearing and taking in? Take a step back and listen. Get some distance so you can hear things in a new way.

3. Sometimes something small makes your day better.  Just sitting listening to live music shifted my mood. (Thanks, Abigail!)

How can I make someone else’s day better? How can you?





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