When life flashes –

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Friday night, I choked.  It wasn’t the ultimate horrible life-flashing before your eyes moment, but it was too close.

I was at an awards gala at Be the Change with Suzanne Evans.  I choked on what was otherwise a very tasty steak.

So, I realized I was choking.  Thoughts running through my mind - “Holy shit.  Can I breathe at all?  Tiny bit of air still passing.  What happens if you’ve still got a tiny amount of air?  Can they do a Heimlich on me with tiny air?  There are a lot of people in this room.  Don’t really want to make a scene in this huge room.  Surely someone here will know what to do.  Is there time for an ambulance to get to me? Is it closing off in my throat?  I need help.”

I hit the guy next to me on the arm.  He glanced my way for a second but didn’t realize anything was wrong.  Hit him a few more times til he realized.  By then the table realized something was wrong.  I pushed myself back and choked and sputtered.  Eventually the food went down and everything was okay again.

Later I realized there was a surgeon on the other side of the room, so presumably I would have been fine even if things had gotten worse.

One of Suzanne’s main concepts is that how you do anything is how you do everything.  And, I’m sure that there are a lot of implications about that for me.

But the main thing that happened in the moment was that I got back to what I’ve done and not done in my life.

I’ve lived a good life and made a real difference.   I’ve had so many clients about whom I’ve thought, “Even if I did nothing else in my career except help this person, then I would have done enough.”   I have left my legacy.  I’ve made a mark on the world.  I’ve made the world a better place.

But I’ve not done enough.  I have much more do to, say, share, accomplish.

There is more to do.  Much more to do.  I’m ready.



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